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Permanent Residents

Our Permanent Residents are piggies who live in our sanctuary due to medical reasons making them unable for adoption as they will need ongoing medical care.

blade and jett.jpg


Wheres Wally!?, Wally came to us about a year and a half ago from a big rescue we did with a few other rescues, he was among over 100 guinea pigs being irresponsibly free ranging in a back yard. the person responsible received a prohibition order for ever having animals again. Wally came in severely underweight with a case of mange and an eye issue, it may need to be removed in the future.

Wally just loves watching every one from atop of his hide!

Jett and Blade

Jett came to us nearly 2 years ago malnourished, covered in bite wounds and had an old fracture in one of his front feet, we later paired him with Blade, Blade has Dental Issues and Recently underwent a dental procedure to grind down his back molars and to drain an ulcer. Ones things for sure though they do love their veggies!

chloe 5.jpg


Where do i start with our dear girl chloe. Chloe was surrendered to the rescue by a couple who "didnt have time" to deal with Chloe's and her cage mate GGs severe neglect that had resulted from their care. GG succumbed to her neglect and crossed the rainbow bridge a few days after arrival, but chloe hung on and fought every step of the way. Both girls had severe mange and fungal, emaciated and had bad cases of bumble foot, GGs being the worst. Chloe could not be rehoused with another cage mate for months due to her state and stress, it took a long time to socialise her and she now lives happily with the other girls in the sanctuary.



Update on Pepper ....

Pepper has now crossed the rainbow bridge and will be sorely missed. Rest peacefully sweet girl.


Peppa has Satin Syndrome, It is what gives her a beautiful glossy coat but it comes at a cost to her health and quality of life. Peppa suffers from Osteodystrophy. In some countries, the breeding of satin guinea pigs is banned, unfortunately it isn't so in Australia and irresponsible breeders still continue to breed these poor animals knowing they will suffer.

whilst we can keep Peppa comfortable with pain medication daily, there is no cure and one day we will have to help her cross the rainbow bridge.


wombat came for the same rescue as wally, most likely a breeding pair. She came emaciated, with a bad case of mange. We keep a close eye on wombat as change in weather can often make her a bit sick this is most likely due to allergies from her short snout.



Pebbles was surrendered with two other ladies and has satin syndrome, she is also currently heavily pregnant. she is such a sweet girl. fingers crossed for a safe delivery.

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